Modern radiology solution

Web-based RIS solution with a modern PACS server

  • HIPAA compliant

    Our solution is fully HIPAA compliant. All connections are encrypted by SSL. Your data is secured and backed up every day.

  • Reports

    Use real time reports to control your business. Define custom reports to match your business needs.

  • Cloud-based

    We take full advantage of the cloud. You can access your system from everywhere.

  • Design

    Our products are carefully designed with you in mind. Interface is easy to use without unnecessary distraction.

  • Avaliable in web browser

    All our products are available via web browser, without requiring any extra plugins and software to install. Tablets are fully supported.

  • Customer support

    Our support is ready to help you with any problems. You can call us, mail us or create a ticket directly from the application.


Worklists with MPPS module

Automatic worklists with in-house MPPS module that controls study progress and informs RIS when images are ready for radiologists

Patient check-in

Control the flow patients in your clinic. See when patients are waiting too long.

Online booking

Fill empty slots with appointments from the online booking and increase your revenue.

Patient card

All documents in one place. With quick access to DICOM images.

Quick charting

Custom forms

Build your own custom forms for specific study, add custom formating and images. You can create unlimited custom forms.

Charting by clicking

Typing is slow, clicking is fast. Start charting by clicking defined sentences and create documents in seconds.


If you are not a fan of typing, you can dictate documents.

Dark mode

Dark mode is specifically made for radiologists working in darkrooms.

Solid PACS solution


All your DICOM images in one place with easy access via RIS system and built-in webDICOM browser.

High performance and scalability

Our solution is made for big data, you don't need to worry about performance or scalability.


With real time monitoring nad HIPAA compliant security standards you don't need to worry about safety of your data.


Available in browser

webDICOM browser is made in HTML5 - supported by all modern browsers without the need for any extra plugins.

High security

Images are distributed over an SSL encrypted connection and secured by your personal account.

Integrated with workstations

Our solution can be easily integrated with your workstation, so that images can be automatically downloaded to your desktop.


Use real time reports to control your business. Define custom reports to mach your business needs.

Additional products

meddo Cam Scanner

Scan documents in seconds. Place your documents under the Scanner and after one click the documents are attached to the patient card.

meddo Ultrasound PACS

Safely archive DICOM files from an ultrasound system. View study images attached to the patient card in RIS.

meddo Burner

Instantly burn your DICOM files into a CD/DVD in RIS with a single click.

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